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यह दृढ़ संकल्प करो

Spinoza also rejects teleology, and suggests the causal nature along with an originary orientation of the universe is every thing we face.

हैं...मेरा बाबा... मीठा बाबा...प्यारा बाबा... दयालु बाबा...कृपालु बाबा...

What exactly is this mysterious matter named self-Command? Whenever we battle an urge, it feels like a strenuous exertion, as if there have been a homunculus in the head that physically impinged over a persistent antagonist. We discuss of exerting willpower, of forcing ourselves to go to work, of restraining ourselves and of controlling our temper, as if it were being an unruly Canine.

अचल अडोल अंगद एकरस एकटिक एकाग्र स्थिरियम अथक और

2. To get a pure and charitable soul indicates being a fantastic donor who accumulates in his account of charity by supplying some or other treasure.

यस्ता श्रेष्ठ संकल्पको विधिद्वारा आत्माहरुलाई सद्गति गर्ने, ईश्वरीय सत्ताद्वारा आत्माहरुलाई हर विपतबाट छुडाउने, सदा पुण्यको पूँजी जम्मा गर्ने र गराउनेवाला, सदा विश्व कल्याणको दृढ संकल्प धारण गर्ने, यस्ता सर्वश्रेष्ठ पुण्य आत्माहरुलाई बापदादाको याद, प्यार एवं नमस्ते। रुहानी बच्चाहरुको रुहानी बाबालाई, गुडमर्निङ्ग, नमस्ते।

I am not absolutely sure that Adult men would consent to visit these clinics publicly, since it might reveal they have been lacking in willpower

Inside the groundbreaking custom of Having Things Done, The Willpower Instinct combines existence-switching prescriptive assistance and complementary routines to help you audience with goals starting from shedding fat to a lot more affected individual parenting, much less procrastination, better health, and higher productivity at operate.

"I will not eat something which's not very good for more info me Except It is Certainly perfect, and it is going to give me true satisfaction," he suggests. "I'm scared ... Properly, it website just did not seem like these ended up likely to do either."

दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना

पी. को महानता सुनाउनेछु। विदेशीले त अहिले पनि तुरून्तै गर्छन्। सोच्यो अनि गर्यो। यू.पी. को महानताको माला पनि वर्णन गर्नेछु। अहिले तयार गर फेरि अर्को दिन माला पहिराउनेछु।

३.पुण्य आत्मा अर्थात् सदा उनको नयनमा बापदादाको स्वरुप र अनुहारमा बापदादाको चरित्र, स्मृतिमा बाबा समान समर्थ, मुखमा सदा ज्ञान रत्न अर्थात् सदा अमूल्य बोली, हर कर्ममा बाबा समान चरित्र, सदा बाबा समान विश्व कल्याणकारी वृत्ति, हर सेकेण्ड, हर संकल्पको कल्याणकारी, रहमदिल किरणहरुद्वारा चारैतर्फको दुःख अशान्तिको अन्धकार टाढा भगाउनेवाला।

२.पुण्य आत्मा अर्थात् सदा कुनै–न–कुनै खजानाको महादान गरेर पुण्य कमाउनेवाला।

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